Yoga leads to a smoother ride

Alan's Success Story

I met Alan back in January during a "mini-private" yoga session, a 25-minute introduction to yoga. An athlete who had never tried yoga, he has quickly become a regular to my 8 am Saturday class at the Aquatic & Fitness Center. I am psyched to see him coming back every week and he is enthusiastic about the class and its benefits...

"After distance running and cycling for the past 13 years, including completing 8 marathons, I became frustrated with plateauing, the usual aches pains and minor nagging injuries that go hand in hand with high mileage training. Someone suggested adding yoga to my usual routine and I found my way into Lindsey's class at the Aquatic Center.

With only a few months of practicing yoga my running is finally showing signs of improvement. Yoga has increased my balance, strength, range of motion as well as putting me more in touch breathing allowing me to use a wider group of muscles. As a result I have already shaved time off regular runs, brought more enjoyment to long runs, and day after aches and pains decreased dramatically placing me in better shape for my next workout. I also credit yoga for increasing awareness to form and breath on my bike providing more power and greater endurance on rides.

I can't recommend yoga, and Lindsey's classes, with enough enthusiasm to anyone interested in improving their training, overall fitness as well as getting in touch with themselves on a deeper level."

- Alan Kochman