Jeff called me in mid-July of 2016 seeking private yoga instruction. He had recently been to Hawaii and discovered relaxation and ease during a massage there like he had never experienced before. Jeff is the boss in a high-stress career and as a result of that stress, and other stresses in life had developed Crohn's Disease, high blood pressure, and got up to 236 pounds on his 5'11.5" frame. When he came to me, he wanted to be able to relax like he did in Hawaii, and he also wanted to be more flexible and have less body aches. We began gently and focused on his mind-body connection. Fallen arches had plagued him, and we started with foot awareness and corrected posture from there. Of course, the weight started coming down gradually. He was challenged at first, certainly, as he had been a shift-stick truck driver for years and his SI joint had suffered as a result. Many of the postures would cause him to cramp at first, but he stuck with it. He learned mindfulness in his postures, and how to use his breath to keep him safe in all his movements. Jeff refined his muscle strength while gaining muscle mass and burning fat to the tune of a 30 lb overall weight loss in 20 months. Jeff continues to grow both in his practice and in his mind-body connection. We still work together, twice a week now, and he is focusing on learning the science of yoga with a regular Iyengar practice. He is off the methotrexate injections, blood pressure meds, and is looking to decrease the frequency of his remocade injections. Jeff is a markedly happier man today for all the work he has done, and it is my pleasure to be part of his journey.