Thai Yoga Self-Massage and Exercises Results

Submitted by: David Wells

Jennifer's Success Story

Thai Yoga is a wonderful gift which has truly improved my life! Thanks to David Wells for this carefully researched and meticulously detailed manual. As a massage therapist and yoga instructor the work has become an important daily practice for me and one that I share with my clients. The exercises help me to prepare my body for the day, identify limitations and restrictions in my body and balance my energy. The self-massage practice gives me a soothing way to treat those issues and heal myself. I use Thai Yoga to relieve tension headaches, reduce neck and shoulder tension and pain, improve a chronic back injury by mobilizing the low back and hips and releasing the accompanying muscles with self-massage. I also find the practice to reduce stress and increase energy. Most important Thai Yoga is really fun and feels good. I recommend this practice for everybody!