10 years strong

Submitted by: Wyonne Vanepps

Becky's Success Story

"I have known Wyonne for 10 years and she has trained me through many challenges. She was instrumental in helping me lose weight and get back in shape after the birth of my first son (I have never been so strong and fit!) and then she continued to work with me during my second pregnancy. After the birth of my second son, it became increasingly difficult to work out at the gym, so Wyonne began training me at home. This has been absolutely wonderful. My kids play for an hour while I get a workout in - no need to load the boys in the car, check into child care, or find a sitter - and they love to "help" Wyonne train me. My oldest especially loves giving me encouragement during my pushups! The greatest part about having Wyonne start training me at home is that I didn't have to spend a lot of money on equipment. A few barbell weights and an exercise ball is all Wyonne needs to make our workouts challenging and effective. She is great at using what I have and creatively designing fun workouts.
Wyonne has become a great friend in addition to my trainer. When I was diagnosed with uterine cancer at age 39, Wyonne gave me encouragement to keep making the necessary changes to my diet that will help me live cancer-free for many years to come. She is a pleasure to be around and gives me a LOT of encouragement, discipline, and (gentle!) "tough love" when I need that extra push to achieve my fitness and nutrition goals."