"Soldier Success"

Submitted by: Sharon Brzozowski

Jonathan's Success Story

As a personal Trainer, Sharon has surpassed the competition. She plans her workouts with her clients well in advance. She provides workout and nutrition advice that enabled me to reach my overall goal. During my sessions with her she recognized my injuries and my allergies, and took them into consideration when planning our workouts. She has proven that she is very knowledgeable in all she does which is evident in her background.
Sharon utilizes all her assets well to achieve maximum results. When working with her there were no limitations to where workouts took place or what workouts were incorporated. Workouts took place indoors and outdoors and involved a mix of calisthenics, weights, and cardio. When faced with transportation challenges, Sharon would drive to my area to continue the workouts. When she couldn’t make it to my area she would provide a list of workouts accompanied with examples and pictures to help me understand the workouts better. If I could not understand the workouts she’d be in consistent communication me until I understood the workouts.
Sharon has a loveable personality and upbeat demeanor. The best part about her is that she puts all her heart into everything she does. My start weight was 208 lbs but in a few weeks it went down to 190 lbs. Because of this I give her a high recommendation and will instantly go back to her when I return.

Very Respectfully,