Practice what you Teach!

Submitted by: Stephen Landrum

Dusty Smith's Success Story

Teaching a flag corps about proper form on the field wasn't helping her to lose weight so the time came to be more involved. 1 month into her training regiment, the girl has already lost 20 lbs.!!! Reducing her Hips 3 1/2 inches, her Thighs 1 1/2 inches, and her chest anohter 1 1/2 inches. Now taking her new training techniques and administering them during those flag corps practices has got heads a turning and new respect a flowing. Stay tuned though, this amazing transformation has only just begun and is showing all the signs of an astonishing pay off. Now she's Flag Corps AND Hard Corps!

Weigt Loss Update: -62 lbs.


Dusty Smith Before


Dusty Smith After