Pilates Corsette

Submitted by: Janine Friedman

Judy's Success Story

On referral from another client, I had been working with 72 yr. old Judy for about one year with mat Pilates as a way of rehabbing an injured back to due incorrect usage/lack of guidance with hydrolic machines.
Not only had Judy returned to her beloved game of golf with comfort and stability, but lo-and-behold when shopping for a gown for her grandson's bar mitzvah, she realized she had actually dropped a whole dress size. Judy had not been dieting, nor had she lost any weight. It simply was due to all the hard work, focus, and mindfulness of finding her mind-body connection.
Judy learned that Pilates not only will stabilize your core muscles, but will help correct postural deficencies and provide a natural corsette helping you to stand taller and prouder.