Perfectly Paired

Submitted by: Katie A. Campbell

Nancy's Success Story

This client is close to my heart. I see Nancy twice a week. I go to her home & she pours us water while I set up for our sessions. Having been diagnosed w/osteoperosis & osteoarthritis Nancy is a super trooper. When I arrive in the morning she takes to her mat & doesn't back down, all while being calm, cool & collected - of course. It is yoga, afterall. Sometimes Nancy doesn't do arm work over head because of shoulder issues & sometimes she prefers a supine start so she can especially strengthen core muscles. When balancing I cue Nancy to lift out of her joints engaging surrounding muscles to dynamically hold her body. Posture improvement is crucial to Nancy's health & wellness & I believe the yoga work she does on her mat translates into her everyday life. Nancy often tells me if it wasn't for the yoga sessions she would be much more stiff & sore. Personally, I think she keeps me coming around for the foot rubs!

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