Ongoing Success

Submitted by: Katie A. Campbell

Melanie's Success Story

Melanie hired me as a personal trainer in May 2008. When Melanie 1st came to me with concerns about her health & weight I did not know she would follw through with so much resolve & determination. Melanie, herself, is an ongoing success story!

Melanie had a body fat% of 37.6 & a BMI (Body Mass Index) considered - Grade 1 Obesity. Melanie, at one point, lost 26.4 lbs. & 6.7% body fat. She immediately lost 3 in. from her hips & within 3 months fell below BMI obesity levels & has not returned since.

Melanie is making a conscious choice to change her lifestyle. Yoga training with me is just one choice in a chain of choices to improve her health & wellness. When Melanie does her cardio workout she tries to increase the level of intensity at least twice during a session. Melanie knows to increase water & vegetable intake for her diet. She also, fathfully attends Yoga Training (Touch) sessions once a week.

If I have learned anything as a personal/yoga trainer it is that - our bodies, like life, have ups & downs. Improving our lifestyle choices - balances our bodies & our lives. Proving, consistency paired with conscious choice can change our bodies & our lives for the better!

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