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Submitted by: Katie A. Campbell

Myself's Success Story

When snowboarding, after falling off a rail, splat down on my arm - it felt like my bicep had detached from my shoulder. When assesing the situation - I thought about going to a doctor. However, it is easier to refer a client than myself. I sat, contemplated my shoulder, & knew I was done on the mountain for the day. At 1st, I just felt my arm hanging. Then, I started stretching. I definately had a golgi tendon reaction, when a muscle is so overly stretched that it tightens to protect itself. Therefore, my clients know this one, I stretched in cow's arms pose(gomukhasana). I was at least 6 inches away from touching my fingers & usually I can grasp them together. Now, again, I can. The pain is gone & I owe it all to yoga!

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