Military service member gets fit and scores 89% on fitness test!!

Submitted by: Jennifer Roberts

Dianna's Success Story

Dianna is a an military service member who had let herself get out of shape and was nervous about passing a required upcoming physical fitness test. The test, used in part to determine fitness for duty as well as promotability, had recently been revised and the difficulty of the standards to be met and been raised. Dianna had 6 weeks from the time she hired me until she was to take her test which consisted of a timed 1.5 mile run, number of sit-ups in a minute, and total number of push-ups that can be performed in succession without stopping. When I first started working with Dianna she could barely do 10 qualifying sit-ups, was not able to do one qualifying push-up and was only able to run about 1/2 mile without stopping. At the end of our six weeks Dianna took her test and passed with an 89%!! Her stats: 41 qualifying push-ups, 44 sit-ups in one minute and a 15 minute and 3 second 1.5 mile run time! Not only did she pass her test with flyiing colors she lost 13 pounds and 3 inches around her waist. Needless to say she was ecstatic and so was I! Dianna is now committed to a regular fitness program and has found she actually enjoys running now that she knows how to do it properly. Update: Six months have passed and Dianna is enjoying exercise and the new confidence being fit brings more than ever. So much so, she just took and passed a certification course to become a Zumba instructor and is now helping pass on the gift of health and fitness to others. Way to go Dianna!!


Dianna After