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Angela Romano's Success Story

One year ago...I was a skeptic! I was one of the people who believed, "why would anyone need a personal trainer?" But one year ago I was overweight, out of shape, and I wasn't making any gains on my own. I couldn't run a mile, or even run for 5 minutes, and this was after months of trying to do so on my own.

Today...I honestly believe that getting a personal trainer was the best thing I have ever done! I have lost 107 lbs, but I am more proud of my physical accomplishments. I can run 3 miles, which is something I could never do before. I have doubled my strength, and I also take Boot Camp classes where I can finally run the steps! At Personal Fitness I received the support and encouragement I needed! I am the biggest supporter of Personal Trainers. Within one month of training with Tony I ran my first mile and will never forget how that felt. He pushed me farther then I ever would have pushed myself and the results have been amazing! For that I will be forever thankful!


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