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Submitted by: Randy Sabourin

Lynda Burdick's Success Story

I have been a member of Personal Fitness since it was established in 1995.After working out in numerous gyms in the Syracuse area and trying all the FAD diets available, I was introduced to Personal Fitness. From day one I was impressed with the professionalism, knowledge & caring of the personal trainers. Recently, I had x-rays taken of my back and the results compared to 10 years ago showed minimal arthritis. The doctors all agree it has been my consistent weight training, cardio etc. at Personal Fitness. The FOOD LOG has always enabled me to get back to that healthier way of eating through the exchange system.The CLUB CHALLENGES give that extra " Cardio " boost I ALWAYS need.Most of all whenever I get a little "OFF TRACK" with my goals Dennis & Randy are always there to guide me through. THANKS GUYS !!! I am looking forward (God willing) to a long-term healthy lifestyle with Personal Fitness as my guide.


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