Jody's Weight Loss Journey

Submitted by: Alexis Lech

Jody Chance's Success Story

As I was approaching the half century mark, I started realizing that exercise just wasn’t as easy as it was only a few years before. I remember playing tennis in late May of 2012 when I was forced to run down a drop shot and then turn on my heals to retrieve the lob that was just launched over head. When I reached the lob I was doubled over gasping for breath. At that moment I realized that I couldn’t continue to play singles in my life as I just didn’t have “it” anymore. Two weeks later I suffered a shoulder injury and had to stop playing all together for nearly eight months. I decided that I had to make some serious changes to my life or succumb to the idea that I couldn’t play competitive sports anymore because my conditioning was nearly non-existent.

I made the decision that as soon as my shoulder was healed I would start working out by running and weight lifting for my upper body. On September 1st of last year I started my quest for better conditioning. My first day out I ran two miles on a treadmill. I was able to run one mile in about eleven and half minutes, walk for five minutes and then suffered through a second mile. The weight lifting was better and so I was off to the races““ I have started workouts like this before and after 6-8 weeks they went to the way side and I was back to square one before I knew it. I was determined this time and forced myself to run three times a week and weight lift twice a week.

Around late November I came to realize that I wasn’t forcing myself anymore“.I had created a habit of exercising. I continued to plod along with my running and lifting. I even started to increase the frequency of my workouts. I wasn’t thrilled with the amount of progress I was making, but I was seeing some results. My running and stamina were increasing, but very slowly. I noticed that Alexis Foy was subjecting herself to unbelievably intense workouts that I couldn’t even dream of completing. In March of 2013 I approached her and asked for her guidance for one month to help me get on a better track for my running and lifting. Alexis happily agreed. She provided me with a running program and developed a weight training program. I thought I would utilize her services for a month and the return to training on my own“..I was wrong!!!!

Alexis started me on a weight training program with light weights worked to fatigue. I thought that was laughable since I considered myself a strong person. Again, I was wrong. Her workouts were intense and exhausting. I continued to train with her week in and week out. I followed her running and lifting schedules. Within 6-8 weeks I was noticing results that were truly astonishing. Although I have a long way to go to reach my goals, I have lowered my time to under seven and half minutes per mile for 5k races. My clothes no longer fit, my belly is gone and I can play tennis for hours on end without fatigue. Every time I have expressed adjusting my goals, Alexis has been there to make my vision become reality through her knowledge and expertise. Alexis is now helping me adjust my diet to attack those final stubborn pounds and has once again made changes to my workout program to help me achieve my goals. I feel fortunate to have found such a dedicated and personable trainer. Although I have done the work and put in the miles, I know that the level of conditioning I have reached is a direct result of Alexis’ hard work and constant encouragement.


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