I Love Push-ups!

Submitted by: Wyonne Vanepps

Greg 's Success Story

I am 57 and have worked with Wyonne for the last 7 years. I have lost 50 lbs and managed to keep it off thru her efforts with weight training, diet and yoga. Whenever I have a question that she does not know the answer, she admits it and has the answer the next time we meet. Wyonne never forces change but works with you to make subtle choices in your life. I have never felt or eaten better in my life.

I said I could never do yoga. She started working yoga poses into my core exercises until I knew all the poses she would do in my first yoga class. I now love yoga and she turns out to be one of the best instructors.

I would recommend Wyonne to anyone who asks.

Greg Buehler
Director of MIS
All About Hawaii