Every Little Bit Counts

Submitted by: Heather Simpson

David's Success Story

I met Heather via my wife, Margy. She enlisted Heather's services to help with sciatic pain. Heather would come to our house and work with Margy. Often times, sessions were in the pool and I would join them.

I’ve had multiple surgeries in the past 6 years: right and left hip replacement surgeries, right knee replacement surgery, left and right kidney resections, and open heart surgery. Considering all I had been through, I was doing fairly well. I was still enjoying the life of a retiree and golfing as often as possible.

One day recently, I was outside, lost my footing and fell on my replacement hip. I could not walk and was placed on muscle relaxers and pain medication. After one week I was not improving. Then as luck would have it, I fell again while using a walker - same hip! The incidents were within one week of each other and I ended up in the hospital for a few days.

I was released home with no physical therapy but a referral to a pain management practice. This seemed to me to be treating the symptoms and not the root cause. My strength was considered good but my balance wasn't so great and I was not progressing to health as fast as I wished. I didn't feel confident enough to return to the golf course or walk without an aid.

I decided to enlist Heather's help. We met once per week and worked on core strength and balance. In addition, I practiced exercises that she assigned as "homework" on a daily basis. I cancelled the pain clinic appointment and worked exclusively with Heather.

Progress was rapid. After three weeks, I felt confident enough to return to the golf course. I was amazed that such simple exercises could make such a big difference. Every little bit counts!


David Before


David After