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Submitted by: Vinnie Calautti

Dom Morris's Success Story

Training with Vinnie Calautti had benefited me tremendously through out my career. Before I started my strength and conditioning program with Mr Calautti I was 25 pounds over weight and my explosives on the court was non existent. After training a full season with Mr Calautti I was the most explosive I have even been and I lost the 25 pounds I had gained the summer before the season had started. His approach to strength and conditioning is very professional and hands on. For instance he will push and motivate his clients, but also he will teach you techniques on how to be more explosive and quick when doing various exercises. One of the most memorable memories with training with Mr Calautti were when we were doing a zigzag agility test. He wanted me to complete the task in 21 seconds, but I kept getting it in 22 seconds. At that moment he explained to me that he believes that I could complete it in 20 seconds. After some a few go arounds at it, I had complete the agility circuit in 19 seconds, then in 18 seconds. He showed that he had faith in his client (me) as well in his craftsmanship. From that point on he begun to challenge me to strive to complete many different agility and weightlifting exercises to prove, that I can accomplish any difficult task in front of me if I’m focused and driven. Most importantly though, Vinnie Calautti is one hell of a trainer that knows his stuff and gets immediate results from his athletes and clients. So thank you Vinnie!

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