Submitted by: Jamie Lynn

's Success Story

What is my story? I have been working on sharing my story since I reached my goal in August but each time I find an excuse not to finish it but today is going to be different! It is Thanksgiving tomorrow and I have so much to be thankful for I thought finishing my story would be a good place to start.

What have the past 20 months been like since I found Jamie? Wow, is a simple way to put it! I found the kitchen in my house after years of eating out and foods that were quick to fix and highly processes. I’m still learning about cooking but now it is interesting and a task that I enjoy. I have even looked at a recipe and thought how will I adjust it to make it clean so that it is a dish I would like to eat. This was much to my coach’s surprise that I would even look at a recipe.


What do I have to be thankful for? My health is a big part of the process we had two health screenings at work two years apart from each other and following the first screening when the results came back I thought my cholesterol number was creeping up to the top of the reference range—but I will just get busy and take care of it through exercise. Fast forward two years and the report came over the range so much for my intentions. So what was I going to do about it? Nothing much but some more treadmill time will help for sure! Then I saw an ad in the paper for a workshop and thought it was time to inquire about the program. The ad was for a day long informational meeting with posture, yoga, food and information. I knew following the day that this was worth a try“I would give it 10 sessions of coaching and training and then I could go it alone. This was an amazing start and I haven’t looked back since. My coach has been terrific in guiding me through this transformation and I have felt good every day since I started“or at least what I can remember. This fall was a third screening and my cholesterol numbers were in the normal range. In general I have not been sick at all since I started this transformation a real change for me.

I am also thankful for the guidance in training. Finding my way around a fitness facility has been enlightening I only used the cardio area when I started this transformation but now look forward to days in the weight area and I believe the weights have made a huge difference in my physical transformation. I have been at this weight this before but I have never been the size that I am today. I feel so strong—last summer a gentleman in a grocery store line turned around and said—“Wow, you look really fit!”—what could I say but thank you! The comment put a smile on my face. I love to do pushups because I can and when this transformation started I could only do a couple. My fitness was something that I had always been proud of but it was slipping away as I had past 50 years and now it is back—I am so happy!

The people I have met along the way have been truly inspiring and so wonderful. Some of you I see in the gym on a regular basis and others I read your posts on the forum or your stories on the blog when I am lurking. I don’t post often but love to read the forum. You are all inspiring! It has been a wonderful change in my life and one that I am particularly thankful for on this Thanksgiving.

Jamie, Samantha and Sheri you have all played a big part is this transformation THANK YOU for the bottom of my heart.