a really comprehensive physical fitness program to meet my goals

Submitted by: Catherine Egan

Judy's Success Story

I’m a 63 year old woman who has gained way too much weight in the last five years and haven’t been able to get a physical exercise program together with a change in diet that would help me lose weight that I gained.  I have to admit I have not led a particularly active life and didn’t feel comfortable at a fitness center (a good hefty book has always been my exercise program).  

However, these last few weeks I’ve had the pleasure to be work with Catherine Egan on developing a physical fitness plan.  She took time to listen to my goals and evaluated my physical condition.  Catherine then proceeded to develop a really comprehensive physical fitness program to meet my goals, adapting as we went along.  She has kept the programs varied and interesting (including things to do at home when I don’t feel like going out).  I’ve learned about cardio, core, upper and lower body conditioning.  I'm learning the most efficient and beneficial way of using the exercise equipment.  She has enabled me to feel comfortable in moving forward on my own.