Nancy Turner

Fort Worth, TX 76126

Nancy Turner began life in ballet shoes and eventually danced with the Fort Worth Ballet in the early 70's.  At 16 she quit because of the physical issues that began arising, but the gracefulness she retained throughout her life.  After working 35-years in the corporate world she retired a year after losing her only child in a tragic situation.  With heart broken and her self-confidence shattered, she found yoga as the practice needed to help her in her grief journey.  A year later she began her teacher training and founded Compassion Yoga in April 2016.The mission of her practice is to bring that same compassion she discovered in her own healing to help others learn mindfulness and self-love.  Her classes combine  pranayama, gentle vinyasas and meditation in a peacful loving enviornment.  Through her training as a chaplain, her previous corporate experience, and her fondness to learn about the connection of the miraculous body, the mysteries of the mind, and spiritual relationship to our loving creator and father God, she extends those teachings to her students.  The compassion she pours out is a result of her deep love for Christ Jesus and a certainty that the practice of yoga is a gift given to man to help each of us draw closer to the Father.  Jesus said, 'Peace I leave you, peace I have given you.'  Nancy guides her students to connect mind, body, and spirit to find that Christ-given peace so that they can draw into a deeper relationship with the Heavenly Father.  

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