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Fitness has always been a part of my life. I was on the swim team in high school, and continued exercising after that – running, lifting weights, biking, hiking, swimming. At one point, I was doing some serious bodybuilding. I never had a problem with my weight until, you guessed it, I moved to New Orleans. The free-wheeling lifestyle of “live to eat” got the best of me because the food was so different and good! A far cry from the meat and potatoes I had growing up. To make matters worse, my then-husband was an awesome cook. I ate lunch out and cleaned my plate; I had wonderful home-cooked dinners and cleaned my plate; I drank my dessert. So I ate and drank, and ate and drank... until lo and behold, I had gained 50 (that’s no typo) pounds. And that, folks, is before I got pregnant! I made some fairly big lifestyle changes to get rid of the really big me. I drank only water, no booze (a wise decision when pregnant); I didn’t eat lunch out; I ate more fruits and vegetables; stayed active by walking and doing pool exercise. I also took up yoga and Pilates which worked my core in a way I never had before. I am currently 10 pounds heavier than when I moved to New Orleans, but that weight is all muscle. I feel stronger than I did in my 20s and certainly feel better. I love helping people to achieve that sense of accomplishment. Being a part of someone’s effort to change is extremely rewarding – I look forward to helping you in your transformation. Some other facts about me: I’m a military brat: I went to three different junior highs and three different high schools; not exactly sure how many elementary schools. I have a young son and together we have a dog and a fish. I am terrified of baby stores, cosmetics counters and malls.

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