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WHO DOESN'T LIKE A GREAT WORKOUT?!?! From my education, to holistic wellness practices, by seeking out a simple and sustainable lifEstyle, I enjoy sharing my passion of fitness and wellness with the community. As an ACE certified Personal Trainer, I work with folks in private or small group training sessions, as well as lead a group exercise class. I also teach a beginner to intermediate level yoga class twice a week. I am dedicated to helping folks who need activity and strength training to make their daily living easier. Functional training is crucial to longevity. Each person is unique to his/her own circumstance and capabilities, and it is vital to listen to his/her needs to create a safe and successful program. I want to help you be an active participant in your health and well being. Being fit doesn't always have to be a chore; the secret is, it CAN be fun! So grab a buddy and just get moving! Would love for you to join me on our paths to a whole body fitness and health!

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  • BSc., Kinesiology, Indiana University Bloomington

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ACE - Certified Personal Trainer
Expires: Feb 28, 2021

CPR Certified

American Safety and Health Institute
Expires: Oct 07, 2019

AED Certified

American Safety and Health Institute
Expires: Oct 07, 2019
American Trauma Event Management
Expires: Feb 28, 2015

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  • Provided through my club/employer

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$0.00 / hr, Packages available. Contact me for details.

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Cash, Personal Checks

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  • by Jason Bauer on Nov 28, 2017

    I have been practicing yoga with Meredith for over two years now. She has a wealth of knowledge not only about fitness but whole mind/body/spirit wellness as well. There is a very clear love for what she does and her joy radiates to the whole class. No matter what your body type or skill level, she is able to bring everyone together as a whole yet make sure everyone gets what they need. Everyone is welcomed and enriched in one of her classes!

  • by Adam Sommers on Nov 22, 2017

    I've gone through two sessions with Meredith, and can honestly say I reached out to her to begin my second round this spring. The first time I took her early morning Rise classes, I nearly vomited. However, there were many different body styles, and abilities in the class, and yet she pushed all of us to our own limits. It was magical. I also realized that stretching can be a terrific mid-workout activity.

    This summer, I took her 6-week boot camp, and crashed a few additional sessions as well. We always warmed up with a run/jog/walk, and then came the cardio, yoga, pilates, stretching, and high intensity interval training - with and without small weights. Within a week or two, my strength and balance were noticeably improved. After the 6-week session, I had lost 14% of my body fat, according to my dietitian - which is pretty impressive - simply working out with Meredith twice a week for an hour.

    The best part of Meredith is her honesty and her smile. She always welcomes us with a smile and a genuine interest in how things are going for us, both physically and mentally. You can tell she really cares about the holistic approach to life and health.

    I love working out with Meredith, and would recommend anyone, of any ability, to give it a shot. I guarantee you'll enjoy her commitment to her craft - if not the effect she has your well-being.

  • by GINNY CARLSON on Jul 18, 2014

    Meredith is AWESOME, 51 and morbidly obese and she empowered me to feel good about myself again and take me from "MEH" to "EVERYTHING IS AWESOME", I can do stairs, I can volunteer, I can chase my kids, I CAN do what ever I want, Her training and life coaching helped me unlock the power in me.

  • by Beth Baisch on Jul 17, 2014

    My goodness what can I say about this woman, except she is amazing. I was so afraid to join any kind of group fitness class as I didn't feel fit or up to par. Meredith exceeds my expectations, she handles me with the best practice a trainer can handle any person, by meeting my personal goals and seeing what I need and what keeps me motivated. I had lost a tremendous amount of weight (95 pounds) with my own diet and exercise program over the course of a year and had kept the weight off for over two years but had come to a plateau and was stuck.

    I met Meredith through another walking friend of mine who was training with Meredith and couldn’t say enough about her. We started an electronic relationship back and forth with my hesitation and finally decided to bite the bullet and go to one of her group classes. That class has inspired me to become even healthier, I love this positive group setting, if you are fit or not you fit in this group, the people are so wonderful. I have lost 20 pounds since working with Meredith and gained the muscle and strength I was looking for as well as some new friends. I was jogging only about a mile before working with Meredith’s group classes, which took about 15 minutes and had to start walking to finish two to three miles.

    I can run four miles now, that’s right I can RUN four miles in 45 minutes, just over 11 minutes a mile. I always wanted to be a runner but I didn’t think it would happen with bad knees and hips, I am there and I was able to attain that goal with the help of Meredith and her positive training. If you are in search of a trainer and are the least bit hesitant, I suggest one session with Meredith and you will find your fitness home.

  • by Brigid Cassidy on May 22, 2013

    Meredith is a VERY ENTHUSIASTIC person full of life and hope for anyone wanting to better themselves! I have had the privilage in being on the reciving end of her gift of personal training!
    Meredith has a very direct but encouraging way of motivating the clients, I have always enjoyed any seesion I have encountered with her!
    She always has the Grace of understanding the needs of the individual person she works with!
    I am a larger gal ( for right now) but Never have I felt any judgement from her for my life choices, and even now with my struggles of achieving optimum health , she still has always encouraged me and never has pointed her finger to me . That , to me, is a beautiful gift of personal integrity on her part, showing that we as the clients are all different in our own journey and we need positive reinforcement to accomplish our personal achievments and not shame!
    I have spent personal time with Meredith in her home as well and she lives a full Life in health! Meredith is very mindful of the world around her and is a dedicated mom to both her beautiful children as well!!
    Anyone that chooses Meredith as there personal trainer, coach will gain more than health they will grow in all areas of their life because of the positive outlooks she holds and the heart of passion she gives!
    I'm very proud and honored that I can call her a friend now,
    Many Blesssings to the next individual that takes that step in health with her. !! Brigid Cassidy

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