Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati

Richmond, VA 23221

Everything I teach is based in the authentic teachings of yoga’s ancient traditions. I created Svaroopa® Yoga to give you what the ancient tantric sages promise, the inner opening that blossoms forth your own Divine Essence (Pratyabhi~jnah.rdyam sutra 17: madhya vikaasaach chidaananda laabha.h).

Precision in the poses is coupled with compassion, making you able to dissolve your inner blocks, working from your spine outward. Your mind and heart open to a new expansiveness, which carries into your life and relationships. Tail-to-top, our slow yoga targets specific areas to decompress your spine for healing, transformation and illuminative experiences. Yogic teachings are interwoven throughout all our classes and trainings.

I got it from the inside out, once my Guru awakened Kundalini for me. A Shaktipat master, Swami Muktananda initiated tens of thousands into the mystical reality within. I lived and studied with him for years, preparing to offer to you what he gave to me. I now am honored to serve those who want to know the highest, dig the deepest, shine the brightest and give without holding back.

Come for a retreat or learn to teach. Svaroopa® Yoga teachers experience the transformative and illuminative benefits of the poses they learn to teach. Svaroopa® Yoga Therapists dissolve what blocks the healing, triggering a profound inner growth on all levels. Svaroopa® Vidya Meditation teachers make deep meditation accessible to new students from the very first class.

Now I serve by leading an Ashram, Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram in Downingtown PA. I previously led the yoga program in The Deepak Chopra Center and served as the founding president of Yoga Alliance. Yet the true measure of my teaching is the thousands of teachers I’ve trained. The depth of their understanding and the power of their teaching is the gift they carry to the next generation.

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  • BA, American Studies, California State

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CPR Certified

AED Certified

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  • Provided through my club/employer

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$0.00 / hr, Lots of free programs!

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  • Kundalini Master
  • Spiritual Head of Svaroopa Vidya Ashram
  • 15 chanting CDs
  • 100s of online articles and audios for free
  • Authorized Shaktipat Guru

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