Kamini Fonseca

Seattle, WA 98104

Upon graduating from Springfield College with a BS in Exercise Physiology and a minor in Nutrition, she relocated to Washington. While in Boston her professional concentration was on training athletes within their specific sports. By working with the retired population, the physically disabled and children, Kamini was able to dedicate some of her skill and time to the community, which is important to her. Kamini's reputation for brilliant program design lead to involvement in the creation of the United States Naval Fitness Training Program.

When she arrived in Seattle, she shifted her focus to Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy while remaining active in the Personal Training Circuit. With 28+ combined years of competition and professional experience, and an unquenchable thirst for science and better understanding of fully encompassing wellness came the creation of Lifestyle Engineering, Inc., a wellness service company and Alpine Activities™, an outdoor fitness training and adventure activities company. Kamini's unique view of the components to Wellness make each session with her time well spent, if you are looking for options, fun and knowledge to name a few benefits.

My Goals
Develop and institute Outdoor Activities and Fitness Assessment and maintenance programs that encourage education about oneself.
Identify and intervene in harmful Outdoor or Wellness practice.
Promote education and healthy lifestyle changes.
Educate in the safe conduct of Outdoor Activities and Wellness Activities and their benefit of such.
Recommend appropriate activities for individuals and groups.
Foster balance between aspects of life.
Athletic Achievements
Canadian Regional Softball AA Championship Team – 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980
Canadian Junior Regional Champion – Fencing - 1978
Canadian Junior Olympic Team – 1979, 1980
Figure Skating
Kayaking – K2, K6
All American – 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986
Field Hockey
Washington State Natural Bodybuilding Champion – 1993
Seattle Half Marathon Finisher – 2000 - Time 1:40:52
Personal Best Indoor mile – 2000 – Time 4:48:02
Hood To Coast – 2002 – Men's Open – 23rd: 1,000
NW Regional Champion – 2007 – Short Track Inline Speed Skating
500 m & 1000 m
National Championships - 2007 - Short Track Inline Speed Skating 500 m & 100 m - Silver Medal
Professional Achievements
Super Sonic Corporate Team
One-on-one nutritional counseling/group educational lecture series.
Microsoft Corporate Headquarters
Group educational lecture series. Organization of Team Fitness Challenge
Seattle Super Sonic Dance Team
Nutritional and Strength program design and implementation.
Strength and Endurance program design and implementation.
US Rugby Team
Strength and Endurance program design and implementation.
U.S. Navy
Strength and Endurance program design and implementation.
National & World Champion Squash Player: Shabana Khan
Strength, Plyometrics and Endurance program design and implementation.
Bachelor of Science: Springfield College 91',
Health Sciences & Exercise Physiology with Nutrition minor
Anatomy and Physiology
Conditioning and Fitness
Personal and Community Health
Exercise Selection Methods
Teaching Methods
Physiology of Exercise
Sports Performance and Energy Demands
Metabolic Testing
Stress Management
Sports Psychology
Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
Rehabilitation/Physical Therapy
Special Populations (Children, Amputees, Pregnant Women, Elderly, Chronically Ill...)
Chinese Medicine
Massage/Body Work
Therapeutic Exercise
Advanced Principles of Cardiovascular Training
Certifications and Memberships
Advanced First Aid
Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
C.O.R.E. Instructor – Resist - A-Ball - Level II
P.S.I.A. – Snowshoe Instructor
Wilderness Survival Instructor
Avalanche 1
American Institute of Fitness Educators: Personal Trainer
American Counsel on Exercise: Lifestyle & Weight Management Counselor
American Counsel on Exercise: Group Fitness Instructor
Power Cycling Instructor
International Dance and Exercise Association
Metabolic Assessments Specialist
Certified Medical Testing Site
FEMA - Basic Incident Command Systems (ICS)
Certified Kinesis Instructor
Tubbs™ Snowshoe Company
Reebok™ University
Pearl Izumi™
Power Bar™
Polar™ Heart Rate Monitors

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About Me


  • BSc., Exercise Physiology/Corporate Wellness/Sports Psychology/Nutrition, Springfield College

Certifications / Trainings

CPR Certified

AED Certified

ACE/AHA Heartsaver First Aid with CPR and AED
Agency Unavailable

Liability Insurance

  • FitPak

Additional Information


$125.00 / hr, This is House Call price for a single session, Gym calls avail. Packages offer %10-%20 discount. Schedule a free consult today!

Payment Methods

Cash , Cashier's Check , Credit Cards , Personal Checks

Years Experience


Awards & Accomplishments

  • Designed and Built 4000 sqft Corporate Wellness Center
  • National Champion 2007 - Speed Skating
  • Regional Champion 2007 - Speed Skating
  • Hood To Coast – 2002 – Men's Open – 23rd: 1,000
  • Personal Best Indoor mile – 2000 – Time 4:48:02
  • Seattle Half Marathon Finisher – 2000 - Time 1:40:52
  • Washington State Natural Bodybuilding Champion – 1993
  • All American – 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986 Soccer Basketball Lacrosse Field Hockey
  • Canadian Junior Olympic Team – 1979, 1980 Figure Skating Kayaking – K2, K6
  • Canadian Junior Regional Champion – Fencing - 1978
  • Canadian Regional Softball AA Championship Team – 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980

Languages Spoken

American Sign Language , English , French , Italian , Spanish



5 Ratings

5.0 out of 5 Stars

  • by Jacqueline Puzas on Oct 11, 2013

    Expect to start living an uber DECADENTLY HEALTHY active and social life. Expect to gain a lifelong friend.

    Innovative, creative, passionate, welcoming, zany, and funny. I've only ever been snowshoeing with her and it was only because she planned and hosting the day trek to show people what aspects of the world true fitness can empower you to experience. Put it another way, she's showing you what you've been missing.

    She plans and hosts Tertulia style dinners for her clients to encourage community and sophistication while smoothly demonstrating how to live an uber DECADENTLY HEALTHY social life.

    Kamini exemplifies great trainers of any discipline. She's the gold standard in professionalism, integrity, enthusiasm and commitment to the support of her clients. Kamini and I have known each other for at least 15 years. She has trained me and become an invaluable influence.

    Many of the fundamental aspects of training are rooted in our minds. The methods and philosophies she incorporates into sessions have always (always) proliferated into areas of my performance in business and personal goals. It's quite likely she doesn't even know how impactful her positive contributions are to her clients beyond the studio doors.

    Finally, you will ONLY EVER receive one of her many compliments out of sincerity. She's nobodies sycophant. That said, she LOVES her people and it's because she herself is living her passion by helping us be as able as possible to live full lives of our own.

    Jacqueline Puzas
    CEO / Founder
    PawLYTE Urban Techwear for Dogs

  • by Karen Calara on Oct 11, 2013

    I have known and worked with Kamini for many years. She is multi-faceted and is very passionate about what she does. Her experience and expertise run deep, and she draws on the breadth of knowledge to help each of her clients. I am a physical therapist and have referred many clients her way. Kamini is able to help people with weight loss programs, return to sport/activity training, and sports performance training (from juniors to elite levels). With solid baseline fitness testing (and retests to mark progress), she meets people on their level, works with their goals, and surpasses those goals. She can use any environment to create a workout program, from the traditional gyms to aquatic exercise to the park down the street. You will never be bored. Because she is an athlete herself, she understands how different sports, and positions in those sports, need to be trained differently, while never forgetting the need for a strong foundation.
    Personally, she has helped me become more fit overall, get over some of my own injuries (chronic shoulder tendinitis and low back issues), deal with weight issues, and helped me train for my first half marathon. With the knowledge I have taken away from Kamini and with working with her, I have completed 6 half marathons, 2 sprint triathlons, STP (riding 160 miles the first day), and 2 3-Day Breast Cancer Walks. Events I never thought I could do.

    I cannot recommend Kamini enough.

    Karen Calara MSPT, CSCS
    The Next Step PT

  • by Ken Devones on Oct 11, 2013

    Kamini Fonseca has my highest endorsement. She is the ultimate professional .... and of all of her positive qualities the ones that stand out for me: her knowledge and her compassion for others. She understands. She "gets it".

    She has a gift which is sharing her passion, her knowledge in ways that enrich others.

    It is a privilege to know Kamini ... and it is my pleasure to extol her virtues to those who haven't had the opportunity to meet (or work with) her.

    Ken Devones
    Association Member Benefit Advisors

  • by Mike Margolies on Oct 10, 2013

    I have known Kamini Fonseca for a number of years now. She is one of the best Personal Trainers I have met. Not only is she ACSM Certified, but her background in exercise physiology goes way beyond what I find in most trainers. With most personal trainers the knowledge is on the surface, but with Kamini the knowledge runs very deep. Not only is she knowledgeable, but when you see her record you know she has walked the walk as a multi sport competitor. I am a Nationally recognized Sport Psychology Consultant who would recommend her to any of my clients for fitness training. All you need do is spend a little time with her training and you will understand what a great asset she is. I am comfortable recommending people just working on fitness or elite athlete clients. There are not many trainers who are adept and working at both levels.

  • by Tom Holland on Feb 17, 2012

    Several years ago (10+) I took a ski conditioning class at the WAC (Washington Athletic Club) where I met Kamini, the instructor. The class was mostly athletic people. I was a past athlete and had a different ability as I had mental desire but was limited physically. Kamini was good at treating each equal, while having different types of exercise for each, with no visibility to others in the class. I was a previous athlete with some unfortunate life threatening health issues, which caused major restriction. In the past few years, I half a stroke, a kidney and spleen removed, due the kidney cancer, a few biopsies, a partial tongue removal, etc. I was mentally ready to compete but not physically ready. My body heavily punished me when I attempted to run, bike, ski, etc. I consulted with Kamini to get me back into shape. The struggle for me was the baby steps required to start. I had to start with weight lifting with no really weight and many different customized exercises, stretches, and workouts. Kamini made sure I kept a good attitude, as this process was extremely frustrating. After two years of Kamini carefully watching me and creating the right exercise to get me to the next step, I can now cycle again fairly competitively with my friends. I can run comfortably again. I am looking go forward to skiing this year. I feel the best I have in many years. I have also learned to eat more properly. As a cancer and stroke survivor, I have encouraged many people who have challenges similar to mine to find someone like Kamini. My friends have seen my improvement and life is great. Kamini is very talented in training and motivation. I highly recommend her.

    Thomas Holland
    Chief Operations Officer
    Pacific Telecom Services, LLC.