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As a Doctor of Holistic Health and Healing, I look at the body from many perspectives. Fitness is, of course, one of them. I am also a Bau-Biologist and so I look at a person's work and living environments so assure that toxic exposures and EMFs do not detract from optimal functioning. As a bodyworker certified in yoga therapy, therapeutic massage, laser energetic detoxification, and other healing modalities (check out my website for my full credentials), I consider body structure, muscular integrity, bio-energic bodies, interference fields, vascular circulation, emotional traumas, toxic insults and much more when I am working with my clients. In our complex world, I am finding my clients present more and more complex health profiles. Solutions are likewise more complex but using modern and ancient healing modalities, I guide clients back to health and vitality.

As a fitness professional I encourage all my clients to move, event those critically ill I ask to at least walk around their homes. We are meant to move. Movement is critical to health and healing. Without movement there is stagnation. If my clients are any reflection of what is happening at large, there is an epidemic of lymphatic stagnation in America. We all need healthy working lymphatic systems to prevent stiffness and edema (swelling), to ward away pain, to keep our immune systems alert and active and to keep optimal metabolic functioning. Movement encourages lymphatic circulation. I encourage movement of all kinds - start slowly and do whatever works! Even a short walk around the block counts!

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  • BA, Honors French and Spanish, Concordia University, Canada
  • PhD, Natural Health and Healing, Clayton College of Natural Health
  • Master's Degree, Business Administration, McGill University, Canada

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Positive Pregnancy Fitness - Pre and Post Natal Fitness and Stress Management
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CPR Certified

AED Certified

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The Healing Atelier

15466 Los Gatos Blvd.
Los Gatos, CA 95032

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$100.00 / hr

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Cash , Credit Cards , Personal Checks

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English , French , Spanish



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