Cezar Santana

N. Bay Village, FL 33141

I had the honour and privilege of teaching Cezar throughout his 200-hour yoga teacher training course in June/ July 2016 at Chandra Yoga International in Dharamsala, India.  From day 1, it immediately became apparent to me that Cezar had an incredible energy, discovered a devotion to his yoga practice and studies and was keen to dive deeper into his knowledge, understanding, and spiritual awareness.  Always arriving to class on time with a beautiful enthusiasm and willingness to learn, Cezar was adored by all his fellow yogis and teachers. With classes offering beautiful delivery, thorough cues and divine energy creating a safe space, Cezar's classes were thoroughly enjoyed by all. Cezar's ability to devise a well-rounded asana sequence including other various aspects of yoga (such as pranayama, mantra, mudras and bandhas) ensures each student, from absolute beginners to more experienced yogis, is challenged and cared for.  He has a warm, soothing voice and a gentle, nurturing flow that defines him as a loving teacher, delivering a beautiful experience and a lot of fun in his classes! It is my absolute pleasure to provide a reference for Cezar. He is certainly a great asset to any business seeking an intelligent, dedicated, willing individual with an affectionate, kind heart and bright personality.  Kindest regards Taryn Weggelaar  I'm using one of my teacher's referral as an intro to my profile. Although my very first Yoga class was taken back in the mid 70's as a kid in Brazil, I only now decided to get a certification - but Yoga has always been around my life somehow. Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and a special love for breath work as well as focusing on balancing and harmonizing our Chakra system are my favorite themes. Familiar with Shiatsu and Body Talk, I?ve also been practicing TM (Transcendental Meditation) daily since 1993. Currently working on writing music for some Mantras and making them more fun and exciting! I'm more than ready to share it all : ) Available for Yoga Studios, Coorporate and private teaching. 

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