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  • by Lisa Sherman on Nov 20, 2014

    I am currently working with Angela and have been for about 4 months now. With Angela I feel you get a full circle health coach. She has catered every change in workouts according to my personal goals and abilities at that time. She has used everything from cardio, strength training, lifting, toning, stretching, yoga, life coaching, nutrition education, etc.

    She seems to be able to tell if you can push a little harder or if you have met your max with a specific exercise. She helps you monitor your nutrition, teaches you what and why the nutrition is so important, she can sense when you might need a little "life coaching", changes your workouts on a regular basis.

    I meet with her twice a week and when I am finished I am literally dripping sweat. The workouts are intense, but catered to me and what my abilities are. I usually always feel better after a workout than before. My muscle soreness, if and when there is any, has been mild and tolerable. In all the months working with her I have never injured myself. She is always conscious and watching for correct positions and procedures so you do not get injured.

    She is highly compassionate; however, she cannot be buffaloed. She will push you to your limits without going beyond your limits.

    I would HIGHLY recommend Angela!!!