Urbankick's Testimonials

UrbanKick is easily one of the best (if not THE best) certification courses I've ever attended! Shane and Miwa were so down to earth and helpful. It's just such a user-friendly, flexible, realistic, affordable and FUN format!!!! It's a class anyone can take and have a blast while burning mad calorie... more

by Ronda Jones

dallas, TX
Can't begin to tell you how much I LOVE Urbankick! Shane & Miwa made us feel like family! Absolutely my favorite session at Dallas Mania. Urbankick was so nice, I attended it TWICE! more

by ~ Patricia Jones Johnson

dallas, TX
Let me just say, and I’m sure you’ve heard this a lot, but I’ve done martial arts for many years now and I think the way you’ve been able to seamless incorporate techniques with the most popular exercise programs into your workout is absolutely incredible!  more

by Al Graziano

Prospect, CT
I’m having a blast going through the training so far and I love how the program is not too “dancy” or overly choreographed. It gives me the freedom to teach to my own style and audience.  more

by Kelly Isbell

Pittsburg, PA