The BioMechanics Method (TBMM)

TBMM's Testimonials

“The techniques and protocols for identifying the causes of musculoskeletal pain are simple, logical and easy-to-follow, and will undoubtedly prove invaluable to expanding the fitness professional’s toolbox.” more

by Fabio Comana, MS, former Exercise Physiologist for the American Council on Exercise

“For many trainers, the finer nuances of functionality are confusing. The BioMechanics Method takes the complex workings of the body and simplifies for all levels of knowledge.” more

by Nicki Anderson, 2008 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year

“I will definitely be promoting this program to fellow trainers. I can't imagine where I would be today without The BioMechanics Method. It has taught me so much!” more

by Danielle Lucas

San Francisco, CA
"The Biomechanics Method is a unique program compared to other corrective exercise courses. The personal approach and the student being able to observe a 'real' series of sesions 'from start to finish' is so essential. I'm surprised more courses don't do this part, and so thouroughly." more

by Derek H.

San Diego, CA
”As a Pilates professional, I thought I was practicing the safest exercise regimen available. But after years of daily exercises I started experiencing serious pain in my foot, SI joint and neck. With the help of The BioMechanics Method I am successfully overcoming my pain. I find that a perso... more

by Eva Wennes, Certified Pilates Instructor

“This is a fantastic course – step-by-step learning of a very powerful method for helping people correct structural deviations. It has helped me understand how I can be effective in helping my clients relieve their pain.” more

by Nea W.

Germantown, MD
The Biomechanics Method is hands down the best certification course I've ever taken. Justin does a masterful job of teaching the 12 most common deviations in the body, how to link them back to the cause, and ultimately how to relieve pain thru myofascial release, stretching, and strengthening protoc... more

by Mark Davenport, TBMM-CES

With 15 years in the business, countless certifications and a degree in Exercise Science, I can honestly say that I have never wanted to re-invent how I do my business as much as I do now. Justin has a simple but very complete method of teaching The Biomechanics Method. Unlike many certifications, n... more

by Jeremy McCann, TBMM-CES, Ad-CES

Moreno Valley, CA
"Taking The BioMechanics Method course has been the best thing that I have done in years both for myself and my clients. It’s incredible to be able to alleviate many common pains and help people to move better so that they can do the things they enjoy. In the short time that I’ve been &l... more

by Kathy Robinson, Corrective Exercise Specialist

Metairie, LA
TBMM is an excellent course, which has helped me, my family & clients live pain free! TBMM will teach you how to assess all major structures of the body, learn how the body moves & to design & apply safe effective corrective exercise programmes. I especially liked how the course was laid out in a ea... more

by Toby Bishop

Valenciana, Spain
"TBMM was the most amazing course that I have ever taken. The course material was so well written and easy to comprehend. It covered so much information but was broken down into easy sections. I worked at my own pace but honestly I couldn't wait to start the next section. I still can't believe how I... more

by Karen Debler, Bee Fitness

Alberta, Canada
TBMM Level One is truly the best course I've ever taken. It has changed the way I train my clients and so much more. I've already helped a few of my clients get rid of their chronic pain. One of my favorite parts about the course is that it gave me so many tools to expand my business as a CES. If yo... more

by Darwin Jose, CES

Since completing the course and speaking with clients about my studies, I'm amazed by how many people can truly benefit from a basic corrective exercise program. I am looking forward to putting the information into practice, and am excited about the value it will add to my services. more

by Justin Isaacs, ACE Personal Trainer and TBMM-CES

I have just completed the TBMM-CES course and found it to be very easy to follow and it made learning the principles, etc. more understandable. I was actually wondering how hard the course was going to be, but the teaching method is very simple in terms of technological terms. And I would recommend ... more

by Maurie Cofman, verified TBMM-CES

St Louis, MO
I thoroughly enjoyed the material and have had an amazing time applying it to my training sessions. It makes so much sense! more

by Jonelle Loranger

Kent, WA
The entire course was excellent. The material provided was very comprehensive. I am not a novice to corrective exercise (NASM CES) but can truly say that I have learned a lot and have already seen positive results in applying the techniques to my clients. more

by Karin Singleton

Raleigh, NC
Thank you so much for this fabulous course! I have started incorporating the practices and my clients love the results they are seeing. more

by Katie Lewis

I enjoyed the course and I feel a lot more educated and equipped for dealing with clients. I think that all PT’s should do this course. more

by Rhonda Collins, Australia

The knowledge that I have gained by engaging in The BioMechanics Method Level 1 course is invaluable to my Health Coaching practice. I found the materials to be organized in such a way that made learning fun and comprehensible. The in-depth and step-by-step manner in which the course is organized al... more

by Brenda Bilek

Mesa, AZ
"I have completed and received my certification in the BioMechanics Method recently and as an ACE certified trainer, I find the program to be a wonderful complement to my ACE training...I am seeing a real increase in new client interest as my present clients spread the word about the corrective exer... more

by Linda Ayers

Loved it! Justin, is an excellent instructor, speaks well, explains well and would always refer back to previous chapters about how we had gone over something. The tests were not so hard you cannot pass, but hard enough to make you think. The exercise manual is nice also...very nice! You will always... more

by Stevey Gaddis

I've just completed The BioMechanics Method Level One certification and I'd have to say that it's one of the best programs that I've been through. I sought out the corrective exercise path after struggling with clients that just didn't move well or were limited by their aches/pains sometimes resulti... more

by Gene Szpiech, NASM-CPT, CES, SFS, TBMM-CES

Thank you for a very professional, scientific and methodological founded, The Biomechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist-Course. Studying the material and implementing the content in my practice made such a significant impact on my clients and practice. Its purposeful application made this c... more

by Chris van Loggerenberg

Cape Town, South Africa
I took the class because it interested me and I wanted to expand my knowledge. I thought it was a GREAT COURSE! I am very happy that I took it! I’ll certainly be recommending your course to the other personal trainers that I work with! more

by Lisa Marino

So many people are already benefiting from what I have learned. I had a client cry with me yesterday, as she finally connected the areas of her body and the way she was holding them with the source of her chronic pain and for once felt true hope and the desire to no longer "hate herself". So many th... more

by Wendy Stephens, TBMM-CES

Albuquerque, NM
First of all I want to thank all those associated with TBMM in developing a excellent course. I have learned a lot and I am much more confident in helping my clients. more

by Brad Severson

Dakota, MN
I just wanted to thank you for a very interesting and educating course. I have completed many certifications over the last 23 years, but have found this one to be probably the best in the field of corrective exercise. more

by Jeff Cohlmia

Oklahoma City, OK
I have to say I have really enjoyed the process of learning and practicing new skills by following the excellently explained instructions provided in videos, manuals and ancillary materials. more

by Marija Rakovac - Zagreb, Croatia

You guys have done a fabulous job. I have a background in psychology and law...and this is the first course I have come across in the pt industry that seems to give me all the info. Most other courses I finish feeling like they just skated the edges. Yours is very in depth and well presented. more

by Ali Flynn, TBMM-CES

I think structural assessment and corrective exercise is is of the utmost importance and it is something that I will be adding to my initial consultations with potential clients. more

by Anthony Bergan, TBMM-CES

This was a fabulous course, so beautifully constructed with clear intentions that we learn to use the materials and be successful. I have 2 university degrees (the second is a masters in counseling) and this is hands down the best developed course I have ever taken. more

by Nancy Simpson

I completed The BioMechanics Method course and I highly recommend it to any personal trainer, massage therapist, physical therapist, etc! Its a fabulous in-depth course that teaches you how to asses and realign the body to help prevent and/or eliminate chronic pain. I use corrective exercise EVERYDA... more

by Danielle

Completing TBMM - Corrective Exercise Specialist course was the best thing I have ever done for my personal training business. I highly recommend this course to any and all personal trainers wanting to take their business to the next level! more

by Anneliese Smith

Helena, MT
The BioMechanics Method Level One course is a great resource for any health professional that deals with human movement. In a very simple format, you'll learn about the most common structural deviations, how to assess clients, and how to assist them in correcting and removing these limitations to be... more

by Justin

Gets you up to speed quickly! Help clients move more efficiently with less pain. The BioMechanics course has been incredibly helpful in providing me the knowledge to identify and correct common movement deviations with people of various fitness levels. The BEST part is that it gets you up to speed t... more

by Jonathan

TBMM Level 1 course has provided me with extensive knowledge that allows me to better assist my clients in functional movement AND athletic performance enhancement. As an Olympic Weightlifter, it has helped me tighten up my positions for both the Snatch and C&J, adding 6kg to each! My runners run mo... more

by Sean Cristea, TBMM-CES

St Louis, MO
I am training a number of clients presenting with "aches and pains" and as well as some who have just been released from physical therapy. I am already utilizing many of the exercises taught and clients are seeing improvements. Great course! more

by Elizabeth

I purchased this program with the DVDs + books and am amazed by the structural organization of this educational program. The content is a gain for every personal trainer or anybody who is interested in a self-care corrective exercise program for family, friends and yourself. The speed in Justin's dv... more

by Jane

This course is a must for every fitness instructor. I am both certified as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor. Biomechanics are so important in all fields of fitness. I feel its a must for Pilates instructors. You will not be disappointed in this course. It will enhance your knowledge and ski... more

by Connie Beingessner

Greenehaven, AZ
I think this course is absolutely amazing. It definitely breaks down the mechanics for the users to understand physiology. The only reason why it wasn't a 5 star was because of the online materials. For those who learn better with hard copy readings, it will be a difficult transition because the pdf... more

by Q.T.

Excellent program, easy to follow and very helpful in training of my clients. more

by Marcia

Excellent study on corrective exercise. Presented clearly and methodically in a way to be able to understand and use the material. Thank you so much for educators like Justin Price. more

by Howard Nelson, ACE Certified Professional

Pinellas Park, FL
outstanding!!! more

by Cliff

Excellent course! Highly recommended for those fitness professionals who want to help their clients eliminate their joint pain by addressing THEIR specific causes of their pain. more

by Brad Severson

Lacrescent, MN
Great course to take and very informative. I would absolutely recommend this! more

by Ricardo

I thoroughly enjoyed this course as it was very well laid out, the videos were easy to follow and the information provided is invaluable. Before I even completed the course I was using the exercises I learnt for my current clients and I couldn't believe how well they responded. more

by Caroline Cahill, CES

Wicklow Ireland
In my 16 years in the fitness industry I have done quite a few courses, workshops and seminars. The TBMM-CES course definitely stands out. It is well designed and well presented. The strategies taught by your course make instant improvements and my clients are reporting positive changes just after a... more

by Tamas Finta, TBMM-CES

Gold Coast, Australia
Your training has absolutely changed and enriched the lives of the people I work with. Especially those with particular challenges, like Parkinson's, etc. Thanks so much. more

by Wendy

Albuquerque, NM