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PTAG's Testimonials

“I am honored to work with PTA Global. It is refreshing, that after many years in the fitness industry, a group emerges that has been formed by professionals of various backgrounds and philosophies, contributing to a truly integrated approach. I love the fact that PTA Global takes the entire... more

by Annette Lang

“PTA Global has redefined the way the fitness community views the client. Because of that, they are redefining the way we prepare and educate our professionals to deal with the client. The founders of PTA Global are individuals that I respected as much as anyone in the fitness community. Th... more

by Anthony Carey

“We deeply believe we are measured by the company we keep, which is why we support PTAG. Great people are at the heart of every great brand. The PTAG Leadership embody the core values and purpose to align over two dozen industry leaders to support their vision for bring quality educational ex... more

by Mark Verstegen

“PTA Global is one of the only fitness professional certifying agencies in the world that sincerely recognizes the importance of effective client communication. Whether a client’s goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, improve performance, or decrease chronic pain, a good trainer must be ... more

by Justin Price & Mary Bratcher

“Muscle Activation Techniques and PTA Global value lifelong learning, and share a common goal in education. Both organizations are committed to providing education that advances careers and improves the lives of those we encounter.” more

by Greg Roskopf

“I support PTA Global because they are a conglomeration of legitimate teachers who’s intention is to share the best of themselves and their skills so that each student may reach their potential at an optimal rate. Enjoy the journey!” more

by Paul Chek

““We have decided to use PTA Global as the curriculum focuses on teaching trainers how to build and maintain a clientele by providing client centered services. This is arguable one of the most progressive certification programs to date.” more

by Scott Wildeman VP, World Health

We recently had the majority of our training staff go through the Bridging Course. Although most of our trainers have been in the industry for 10+ years, the content and process was very well received. The information is well presented, easily applied and we are already seeing a significant improvem... more

by Jennifer Beaton VP of Fitness, Western Athletic Clubs

“I could have chosen from a number of certification and education options, but I chose PTA Global for its intense dedication and passion to current training methodologies and the most recent exercise science and research practices. I love the conglomeration of intelligence from a wide range of... more

by Joy Keller - Senior Editor, IDEA Health & Fitness, USA

San Diego, CA