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Thanks Joe for all your help. Ironically enough yesterday I had interview, with another local fitness center, and this one went extremely well. It made me glad that the other places didn't work out. It's called Zumba MAX FIT. It's a 24 hr fitness center, and both manager ended my interview after ab... more

by Brian K

Hi Joe! Its Cynthia Czarnecki!! Just wanted to let you know how the Border States went in S.D. this past weekend! I won 1st Place in my class- Open Bikini Class D!! So excited! It was a huge show!! I think close to 200 competitors total. But I am awaiting feedback because I am thinking of going ba... more

by Cynthia Czarneki

Los Angeles, CA
Dear Joe, I am so pround to be a PROPTA certified trainer. listen to what happened. I went on a hiking trip to New Hampshire in August, and in route I stayed at my grandmothers on Long Island, NY, for a few days. I went an Equinox branch located around the corner from her in Manhasset, NY. I showe... more

by Brian L

Manhasset, NY
Dear Joe: Hi! I hope this message finds you very well and happy! I'm writing to you in regards to the above subject line, Ms. Quaresma. I have just completed 7 1/2 clinical hours with her and was very pleased on how she has helped me. She was very pleasant, professional, knowledgable, always willing... more

by Billie B.

Santa Monica, CA
I just finished my Personal Training and Nutrition Certification with the ProPTA. I choose to do the 6 week one-on-one with instructor Tony Falce. I have absolutely no regrets with either decision, both the ProPTA and Tony are so professional and very helpful. I could really tell they wanted to help... more

by Gwyn Christensen

Las Vegas, NV
Hi Joe!! I just want to send a thank you to you! I am really learning so very, very much through your course. I am doing a lot of work with Jem Welsh and it is really life changing all that I am realizing and learning, unbelievable interesting and I cant stop reading all his articles, he has sent me... more

by Hanna Dioz

Hollywood, CA
Hi Mr Joe. This is Ali hassan Hussain from kuwait Hilton Resort hope you remember me sir. I sent you an email regarding PROPTA Certification, and I did all my Nutrition and PT Exam with Mr Claude Groulx and tomorrow i will send you the Exam paper. I really gained alot of knowledge on Personal ... more

by Ali Hassan

PROPTA is the most professional agency I have ever dealt with. The training I received not only met but exceeded my expectations, the same can be said for the level of knowledge I received from completing this course. There is never a dull moment being a senior leader in the Marine Corps with a work... more

by Ronald S

San Diego, CA
Hi Joe!! Everagain I want to thank you and Mike Sable for the great class!! Feels like we are family and I am definitely coming back to listen more to you in the future!! more

by Lori Douglas

Sherman Oaks, CA
Hello Joe, This is great!!! As a matter of information, I'm so proud to be a member of PROPTA. It's AWESOME!!! Would you also send me the information on reading labels? You mentioned in class; however I do not have a copy. Thank you. more

by Karla Ray

North Hollywood, CA
I like ISSA for the sports stuff and online nutrition course...but I LOVE PROPTA, it is more complete and more hands on, with pros, that makes a lot of difference to me,after my marathon I really want to start getting into "Bikini Competitor/model" shape, I realy want to compete as well as be on th... more

by Gina L.

Miami, FL
Hi Joe and Michael ... I just wanted to take a moment to thank you both for everything - including today's class which was absolutely amazing - or as I like to say: 'cool beans' (and 'two fins up!!') Coming back today really helped certain things 'gel' even more so & I greatly appreciate the opportu... more

by Sally Hughes

West Hollywood , CA
Hey Joe, Thanks so much for taking the time to send us those forms. Matt and I are both very excited on our journey all the while making some cash and doing what we love. Please keep us posted as upcoming events and news on the PROPTA. We hope to continue to grow and become part of the family. Mayb... more

by Ryan Vandyke

Beverly Hills, CA
Hi Joe! It was great finally meeting you yesterday. I loved the class and can't wait till next Saturday. Mike is an awesome teacher - he makes it fun and interesting. Great influence and knows his stuff to the max! In my experience with hiring personal trainers for myself.... I have learned w... more

by Melissa B

Ventura, CA
Joe&Mike I wanted to send a Thank You for the information that you gave me on the first day of class. It feels like I'm starting all over again but with my eyes completely open this time. I practiced what was you and Mike showed the class on Saturday on Sunday and Tuesday. I lifted a lot lighter bu... more

by Carlos Cardenas

Oxnard, CA
Hi Joe- Just wanna say thanks for everything, from the knowledge regarding proper training technique, form, nutrition, etc. to all of the instruction on how to interact with clients and run a business. It has all been useful and beneficial. At a time when the economy is slowing, Ryan and I are havin... more

by Matt Byerts

West Hollywood , CA