Polestar's Testimonials

I have taken several Pilates Certification courses- and none has been as comprehensive and educational as Polestar. As a physical therapist and a Pilates educator, I highly recommend the Polestar Courses. more

by Kerry Siman-Tov, PT, Certified Pilates Instructor (PMA)

Hollywood, FL
The course was very well prepared and helped explain each exercise in detail. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable which helped with the flow and in answering concerns and questions. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in getting certified. After taking classes with instructors... more

by Jeanette Jimenez

Miami, FL
Polestar takes both Pilates and Rehab together in a very functional, practical approach. Not only my clients but myself will benefit from my studies. more

by Anonymous

The instructors are so knowledgeable yet accessible. They build a great rapport with students. I look forward to my monthly training session to see instructors assist on to, and my fellow students. We have a lot of fun learning about something we all love to do. more

by Carolina Rionoa, Teacher

Miami, FL
My expectations were far exceeded. Brent Anderson is a dynamic, personable instructor who is a master of his work. The course work was beautifully designed to flow and build upon each other. more

by Kerry Petty, Stott Pilates, Massage Therapist

Perry, MI
Very good! Presented in a functional and professional design. Encouraged a love for movement and a desire to learn more. Wake-up call for PTs that may not be looking at the whole body- just the pathology. more

by Wendi Stadt, PT

East Jordan, MI
The Polestar training was a very comprehensive and thorough instructor training course. As a physical therapist, the information from this course has complemented my work with all my clients both Pilates and other rehab patients. The emphasis on exercises, specifically designed for rehab professi... more

by Jen McFarland, MSPT

Reno, NV
Polestar courses teach me to apply the exercises and go through the rational of appropriate ex to each individual. Also, as a physical therapist, exercises are more functional and easy for me to apply at my work setting. more

by Hinmi Ozawa-Miller, DPT

Monterey, CA
The Polestar Comprehensive curriculum was one of the best courses I have taken as a rehab specialist or strength and conditioning specialist. The attention to detail in movement acquisition and learning critical thinking is second to none. The instructors show their passion for movement, Pilates, a... more

by Anna Hartman, MS, ATC, CSCS (Certified Athletic Trainer)

Scottsdale, AZ
The amount of detail applied to each exercise and the emphasis on perfection helped me to achieve the next level. I cannot wait to get moving with all I have learned and share my new knowledge with my clients. more

by Michelle Kerby

Park City, UT
Polestar Pilates has it figured out. Movement Principles are the best way to bring movement of different body parts all together. The base of Pilates, the movement Principles have gone above and beyong what I am learning in PT school which is allowing me to advance my skills in seeing movement acqui... more

by Tammy Nicholson, Student of Physical Therapy

Salt Lake City, UT