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KBC's Testimonials

Dave Ganulin and the TEAM at KBC have been instrumental in helping Crunch integrate Kettlebell training not only in our private PT sessions but also in our semi-private PT and group PT programming. We at Crunch have had the privilege and pleasure of hosting numerous KBC Level 1 and Level 2 Instructo... more

by William Coker-Regional Personal Training Manager, Crunch

New York, NY
The trainers and clients took to kettlebells very quickly! They’re a safe, fun, cost effective way to increase client retention, maximize profit per square foot of floor space, and bring back a modality that deserves a place in every fitness facility. more

by Declan Condron-Founder PumpOne. Former PT Manager at Equinox, Greenwich Ave.

New York, NY
I think your program is excellent and I think Kettle Bells offer one of the best workout I've ever done! I can't wait to learn more! more

by Keli Roberts-Group Fitness Manager Equinox

Santa Monica, CA
I’m going to send all of my trainers over to KBC before they will be allowed to use KB’s in the gym with their clients. KBC provides everyone who takes their Level 1 course with a very good base/foundation. more

by Dondra Sampson-Personal Training Manager Equinox, Tribeca

New York, NY
Good morning! Well, I made it back from the Big Apple. I want to thank you and your entire staff. I had a great time last weekend and learned more than you can believe, even though I will have to take the written test over again I was roached, and had a lot on my plate last week I was able to grasp ... more

by Gordy Larsen-Former Parajumper & Personal Trainer

I was very impressed with how much you guys covered in two days! I feel like I learned a lot! I am excited about a Level 2 course! more

by Alison Bowden-Personal Trainer O2 Fitness

North Carolina, NC
KBC is a dedicated team of young fitness professionals who have their eyes on the future. They offer innovative instruction in tomorrow's methods, and challenge all of us to expand our mind and body. Hats off to the KBC Team. more

by Dr. Ed Thomas Assistant Professor of Physical Education at Graceland University.

Iowa, IA
This program was fun! It made me strong, injury-free, and kept me partnering my ballerinas with ease. more

by Jock Soto, Former Principal of the NYC Ballet. Winner Lifetime Achievement Award in Dance

New York, NY