Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN)

FDN's Testimonials

I’ve been incredibly impressed with this entire program. Everything seems so well thought out and presented. The lesson plans and materials were comprehensive and I really like how well integrated the website, downloads, and things like the Friday Calls were to the course. It was nice having a... more

by Lindsay G

Eagle, CO
The FDN program has been truly amazing. It has given me an great amount of knowledge and tools to work with for my family and myself and clients in my health coaching practice. I have been on a long journey to reclaim my own health and wellbeing and somehow always fell short of achieving it. Soon af... more

by Molly M.

Houston, TX
I now have the ability to help clients in a way I never could before. Like so many other FDN graduate stories, I was a trainer for years, then turned to add nutrition into the mix, but was still missing the mark. FDN allows me to laser focus in on my clients and their unique biochemistry to allow th... more

by Monique J.