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Thank you for the incredibly informative SrFit text that you created for fitness professionals. I have a degree in exercise science and am a certified athletic trainer. Although I have a good knowledge of biomechanics, physiology and exercise, your text and comprehensive DVD study guide has provid... more

by Colleen Daily, BS, ATC

Sun City, AZ
The SrFit Program is a great program for anyone who will be working with the senior population. It provides excellent information about the aging process and concerns when working with this population. I would recommend this program to anyone who is personal training or working as a group instructor... more

by Jeff Fellure, MS, CSCS, PES

Plainfield, IN
The SrFit Program is quite simply the preeminent course for training seniors. While many may attempt to address the importance of getting the growing senior population active and fit, Tammy is doing something about it. She is training a new generation of fitness professionals on the importance and i... more

by Scott Gaines, Vice President Program Development, NESTA

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
The SrFit course is the most comprehensive, science based course on training older adults that I have seen. The information is provided in an easy to understand format and the supporting materials (DVDs, CD, workbook, and website) reinforce the manual superbly. I highly recommend this program. more

by Heath Gay, BA, ACE CPT, NPTI Instructor

Colorado Springs, CO
I am a 68+ senior and life-long exercise enthusiast. I have long believed that exercise is the best anti-ager, both for outward and inward youth. I love what Tammy says about 'blaming the victim' for the preventable ills of many seniors. The truth hurts! When a senior with COPD says, "I wish I hadn'... more

by Kathleen Gibbs, BA, ACE CPT

Bedminster, NJ
SrFit has been one of my favorite and most enjoyable advanced study programs yet. The information provides the who-what-where-when-and-whys for successfully training and educating older adults. I would highly recommend SrFit for all fitness professionals who are planning to work with the mature popu... more

by Robin Heckendorf, BA, NASM CPT, PES

Austin, TX
JrFit is an excellent, comprehensive program that addresses youth fitness and nutrition. This program helped me start a youth fitness program for kids both wanting to try-out for sports or just learn about being active. I also found that parents and families enjoy the nutrition programs, as they hel... more

by Trish DeVincentis, BS Ed, ATC, EMT-B

Grove City, PA
The JrFit course is an excellent choice for today’s fitness professional looking to work with youth. The program is comprehensive and will prepare anyone looking to make a positive impact in youth fitness or more advanced athletic preparation. I will recommend this course as an essential pie... more

by Marco Ferdinandi, MS, CSCS, PES

New York, NY
JrFit IS the definitive course for fitness professionals desiring a science based, comprehensive approach to training today's youth. I highly recommend JrFit. Tammy Petersen has done a great job creating a valuable course that fills a gap in our industry. JrFit was an excellent tool for expanding m... more

by Heath Gay, BA (kinesiology), CPT (ACE & NSCA)

Colorado Springs, CO
JrFit™ provides an outstanding collection of resources for fitness professionals interested in improving the health, fitness, and athletic performance of youth and adolescent populations. Programming to address the epidemic of childhood obesity has been among the top three industry trends, as ... more

by Michael Iserman, BS, CSCS, HFI, NASM-CPT

Minneapolis, MN
JrFit is exactly what I was looking for! The course materials are structured and organized in a professional way, providing easy study and absorption of the content! The information within the program is presented in a comprehensive, yet practical (information is detailed, but easy to understand - n... more

by Tim Rochford, CPT (ACE, The Cooper Institute, and NSCA),

Yorkville, IL
The JrFit Program has all the detailed information you'll need to create comprehensive and customized fitness and sports conditioning programs for children and adolescents alike. The nutritional component is also very informative. There's nothing else out there that comes close to this wealth of i... more

by Sharon Snider Wortham, CPT (NASM & ISSA)

Huntington Beach, CA
I found studying the Advanced Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription for All Ages course to be an excellent choice towards satisfying the CEC's required for my NASM re-certification. It is a very comprehensive program and is very user friendly with regards to the organization of its chapters. ... more

by Lynne Gordon, Board Certified Family Physician and CPT

Cherry Hill, NJ