Yoga Training (Touch) @ Studio 18A - Near the Base of Mount Helena

Studio 18A
18 South Harrison
Helena, MT 59601


Yoga Training (Touch) @ Studio 18A is located at 18 South Harrison near the base of Mount Helena. Yoga Trainings w/touch for adjustments. Partner, Power, Restorative (Rx) and Therapy (Tx) are an example of the sessions available. Appointments for 90, 60, 45 & 30 minutes are accepted. Prices vary.


By Appointment Only

Mon - Sun, 7:00am - 9:00pm




Yoga Training (Touch) @ Studio 18A - Near the Base of Mount Helena

Studio 18A
18 South Harrison
Helena, MT 59601

Additional Information

Facility Size

350 ft2

Price of Membership (monthly)

No membership fee

2 Ratings

3.5 out of 5 Stars

  • by Kevin Black on Nov 15, 2013

    Buyer beware! Katie is knowledgeable in this discipline, however there are serious issues which greatly diminish the effectiveness of the sessions.

    First, communication is poor and lacking: correspondence is often not answered or delayed for several days. This can be very frustrating when trying to set up sessions and you are left hanging, patiently waiting for a response from the proprietor.

    Secondly, I asked for some reading materials several times to gain more knowledge about what we were doing so that we could enhance the quality of the sessions, yet my requests were never answered. Even though the proprietor appears well read, she is unwilling to educate her clients.

    Finally, after spending $510 on sessions on what I thought was a good teacher/client relationship, the proprietor, for no apparent reason, ends the relationship. This behavior is bizarre and unexplainable. As I have a credit balance in my account at the time of this writing, I apparently will have to take a loss for the balance leftover.

    With this kind of unpredictable behavior by the proprietor , you have been due-fully advised to steer clear of this operation. I would strongly encourage you to take your business to Northern Lights Yoga instead. They offer classes, whereas the operation being reviewed does not.

  • by Tara Thompson on Nov 29, 2012

    Katie Campbell's Yoga Touch Training is the best thing John and I have given to ourselves. It's a time we can strengthen our muscles AND our relationship. Seriously! I know you think this sounds like cliche yogi blah, blah, but yoga has made us stronger by working the little muscles in our feet that went unnoticed until yoga balancing made them scream back. Yoga is good for us as a couple because we are stretching ourselves together by doing it together - and laughing and trying and relaxing. Yoga training also takes the burdens off our shoulders for one hour and puts them aside. We finish relaxed and fit enough to re-shoulder whatever might have seemed like a big problem before we went to the studio.
    I recommend Katie's classes so highly, I'd be looking down on Mt. Everest if I was actually comparing heights. She's flexible, literally and figuratively, and she knows what she's doing.
    Just try it. You'll see.