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200 hour SomaVeda Thai Yoga Practitioner Certificate: CTP
Learn Thai Yoga. Go To The Source! ThaiYogaCenter.Com
SomaVeda® Thai Yoga is an elegant and sophisticated form of spiritual and scientifically based Indigenous, Traditional Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda.
Since 1984 our Thai Yoga Therapy School and educational institution offers a solid program in healing and therapy ministry and service. Our core modality is SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies®. SomaVeda® modalities include Thai Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda and Indigenous Native Medicine. We offer professional and continuing education certifications and authorization. ministers, practitioners and sacred medicine counselers providers will find no better healing ministry tools. Primarily SomaVeda® has it's roots in Indigenous Traditional Thai Medicine and Indigenous Thai Yoga (Traditional Thai Massage). Additional emphasis and modalities include Classical Ayurveda, Indigenous and Traditional Natural Medicine. Because of this our healing work is especially relevant as an adaptation of classical medicine and traditions to the modern world.
The Thai Yoga Center, Brooksville, Florida provides the tools for balancing, healing and transforming the Spirit, Mind and Body. Thai Yoga Therapies designed to be as beneficial for the therapist as for the client!
This 200 hr./ 27 day, approximately one month plus long program, will cover all five levels of the Basic Professional Thai Yoga Certification Program plus fourteen additional breakout and/or supplemental courses. Start Dates are offered Five times every year!

Level I: Fundamentals of Thai Yoga and Thai Massage 18 hours
Level 2: Ayurvedic Thai Yoga 48 hours FSBMT, NAIC)
Level 3: Nuad Boran: Northern Style Thai Yoga 56 hours
Level 4: Advanced Training: Thai Traditional Medicine/ Thai Traditional Massage Ayurveda/ Yoga Therapy Theory
Level 5: Clinical Applications and Development of Specific Programs for Clients based on Ayurvedic Assessments and Guidelines. 32 hours

Total hours:160 Core Contact Hours + 40 hours in 11 supplemental/ Adjunct Courses (For a complete program description of all included courses CLICK HERE!)
SomaVeda® Indigenous Thai Yoga Therapy programs are medically supervised!
PLEASE NOTE: Is your Yoga Therapy practice legal? Our graduates are eligible to practice legally in all 50 states and may be eligible for both Vocational and or Clerical Medical Licensing!
How Much does it cost?
Sign up now for as little as $505.00!
When are Start Dates Available?
1) March 3rd. 2017
2) June 2nd. 2017
3) September
1st. 2017
4) November 3rd. 2017
If finances are an issue in attending we recommend that you apply for one of our generous Tuition Scholarship Programs.
Our Training is NAIC, AAPNA, NAMA, NCBTMB, ANMA, Florida State Massage Board# 50-11633, AADP and SMOCH Approved
A Native American Indigenous Church (NAIC) Seminary and School of Natural Medicine Program.

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5401 Saving Grace LN
Brooksville, FL 34602

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