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200 commercial street
Nevada City, CA 95959


Welcome home! Inner Path is a nonprofit spiritual organization dedicated to serving the wondrous soul that you are. We do this through sharing our love and understanding of yoga and meditation and the many ways that it is universally applicable for people of all faiths and cultures.
Through our many projects we endeavor to provide you with helpful blogs and information, useful and inspiring products, healing prayers, uplifting music and so much more.
Our Center in Nevada City, California provides another avenue of service with wonderful classes, group meditations, a healing room, library and beautiful boutique. If you're ever in the area, please do come and visit.
Our sincere hope is that you find our offerings uplifting, beautiful, and helpful. They are offered with the vision of a life lived for one purpose‰ÛÓthe upliftment of consciousness, individually and world-wide. May they assist you on the wondrous and unique path that is yours alone!
In Divine Friendship,
Your Friends at Inner Path

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200 commercial street
Nevada City, CA 95959

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