Vertical Training w/ Suspension Handles

by Stephen Landrum


Vertical Training activates the muscles used in climbing with the explosive power of plyometrics.

About the Presenter

Stephen Landrum

Stephen Landrum Author/Presenter

After serving four years in the United States Army, as a Medical Specialist, I transitioned to the civilian world of personal training. Years of caring for and training the nations fighting force gave me perspective into the various abilities of people from all walks of life. The single most important thing that I learned then, and have continued to prove since, is that no one is beyond help. No matter if your goal is to have more energy, lose weight, gain weight, recover from an injury, or just look better in the mirror. I've seen it all and I've helped to make it happen. (You'll also be armed with my unique personal fitness profile, to monitor your progress on a much broader scale. Changes in weight, strength, body measurements, and at least 24 other monitored catagories are documented for you to review. {more for some} Its the science of you.)