Successful Weight Loss Starts Here - 2 Top Tips!

by Francesca Kotomski

Description Successful weight loss starts with 2 simple tips, to lay the groundwork, to get you going and keep you going. 1. Goal setting - Be specific and visualize your new, slimmer body! 2. Get your diet in control - breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 snacks, all healthy.

About the Presenter

Francesca Kotomski

Francesca Kotomski Author/Presenter

My passion is to assist people in living a healthy and full life with joy. My work consists of instructing through personal training, group instruction and lifestyle fitness, motivation and nutrition coaching with the focus on a person's goals. I was an Army Master Trainer, in for 22 years, then retired military. Retired after my first child turned 1. The new chapter, "older motherhood." My focus is to help people and myself enjoy energy and health, through proper nutrition and efficient customized exercise to meet their needs. I use and coach detoxing, cleansing and incorporating foods that are best for us, giving us the energy we need, the fat loss and of course, healthy aging! I welcome older people, Women over 40 in the same situation of older motherhood, retired/veterans, and anyone needing a person with my education and expertise in a private welcoming environment.