poolside plyometrics

by Wyonne Vanepps

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Full-body circuit for strength and cardiovascular conditioning

About the Presenter

Wyonne Vanepps

Wyonne Vanepps IDEA Author/Presenter

I began lifting weights at age 16. I wish I had asked a fitness professional for advice on the what, how and why of working out. I would have accomplished more, saved a lot of time, and endured less frustration and injury. But the one thing that really stuck with me was the sense of accomplishment I felt after a workout. Even as I pursued a degree in Business, I continued my fitness education. After graduating from the University of WA, I moved to Sun Valley, ID. I became an avid snowboarder and mountain biker during my 3 years in Sun Valley. Seeking more adventure and culture, I moved to Boulder, CO. There I focused my attention on rock climbing while riding at as many of the Colorado ski resorts as possible. I became certified as a personal trainer in May of 1998. I worked at a fitness studio, Mountain's Edge, for the next two years. I loved my clients and my work and I knew I had made the right decision, leaving the cubicle behind. In Boulder, I was also introduced to Guy, my first yoga mentor, at the Shambala center. I loved yoga immediately; the sense of peace and calm it provided lifted my spirits time and again. I moved to Portland, OR in September of 2000. I continued my work as a PT at Clubsport Oregon, a large spa and fitness facility. In July of 2001 I became a certified yoga instructor because I had always observed my yoga teachers with awe and admiration. I was terrified of public speaking so I didn't teach a class for almost a year. Finally, I started with teaching a 6 week yoga class for kids and I loved it. Now I teach 3 classes per week at Clubsport. I have added several other yoga certifications to the first one, including levels 2 and 3, anatomy and alignment, core yoga, kids yoga, senior yoga and pre and post-natal yoga. Although I am a vegan, I consider myself very saavy considering all nutritional walks of life. I became a vegan because of animal rights but when I saw the impact it made on my health as well as the environment, I was happy with my decision. I see my work as a huge opportunity to make people feel good and help them improve their health, body-mind-and spirit. My other hobbies include travel, scrabble, movies, reading, cooking, hiking and exploring our amazing city.