Heart and Soul Yoga Retreat


Chris Wilson (Yoke, Australia) and Deb Langley (Laughing Lotus, USA) come together to take you on an adventure that is full of heart and soul. 
For five days, we will soak in the abundant natural beauty of Sumba, a remote island paradise nestled among palm trees and surf in a remote pocket of Indonesia and the home of NIHIWATU - the number 1 resort in the world. Daily guided meditation and morning and evening yoga asana classes with Deb and Chris will punctuate free and easy days well spent in deep conscious relaxation, or on an adventure in nature; surfing, paddleboarding, snorkeling, hiking or horseback riding. 

With Chris and Deb as your guides, in this heavenly place, there no greater opportunity to go deep within. Chris offers yoga of the heart. With the hand of kindness he offers the chance to find what is tender and tense and to soften into the experience. Relaxing deeply with what is, truth and freedom are revealed. Deb elevates the soul. Her classes are a deep, loving journey rich in story, song and potent asana. She uses the architecture of the shapes to invite freedom. Moving and powerful, her classes call you to remember your divine nature.  

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